Thursday, December 16, 2010

Outdoor Photoshoot ~ Portraitures.......

Wedding Receptions @ Mazareena & Hasbullah | 101010 |

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Adik talking to one of her best friend

Budak kecil yang boring melayan rakan karibnya :) Part last yang best tu....

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Boring ditinggalkan anak dan isteri :(

Hari ni malam ke 3 aku tanpa isteri dan anak2. They all went back to kampung in Perak to accompanying my father in law and also my wife acted as second driver, well what to do. Quite a while doesn't feel like this since about 5 years ago while I was in the UK.

Feels bored, even working in the office during day time. The feeling getting max when the time to go back from the office since I know nobody waiting me back home. Normally my kids will always hiding at the back of the door to surprise me up! So wonderful......

Perhaps once in a while being far from the loves one is good. At least it makes me feel that I need and loves them. Am now lepaking at my own kampung (Majidi Baru) spending time with my beloved mother, father and my siblings and possibly going to sleep here since quite a while I'm dare not to do that.

We just got back from Festive street mall in danga bay, having dinner outside (since my mother didn't cook tonight hehe) having our family favourite curry mee, my wife should have jealous knowing this ;D and tomorrow since my sister doesn't opening her stall so we plan to have our breakfast outside again! yeeehaaaa....And now the bills on me...

That is my family - always got something to plan. But the most important and what I can't wait is my wife and my kids will be back tomorrow (Home sweet home). Hope they will be arrive safely. My wife basically wanted to get back on Monday to get some of her tudung in KL but due to some instances they need to be back tomorrow (ofcourse this would be due to my father in law, there is always something would arisen whenever he back to his hometown). I'm sure to be hearing a lot of stories from my wife once she's get back. That's normal :|

Anyway, family is everything to me, friends could just come and go.
Lesson learnt here - Families come first! haha

Whatever pun, think I should go to bed now.....Adios :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010

June 2010 Family holiday to CH

Sebahagian gambar2 yang diambil untuk dimemorikan dalam lipatan hidup. Agak banyak juga gambar yg aku snap, dlm 400 lebih tapi ini je la yg sempat ditapis. Dah banyak kali dok gi Cameron Highlands tapi diorang ni memang suka sangat gi sini. Yang menariknya holiday kali ini adalah family Cik Nab join sekali kitorang so obviously memang mengeratkan lagi silaturrahim antara family aku dgn family sebelah ayah di Tmn. Perling.

Kakak dan nenek kesayangan nya di atas feri penang.... Waktu ni nak balik ke rumah pakcik di semanggol selepas menziarahi mak ngah di penang (penang mmg happening, cool)

Adik pula berposing ngan atuk kesayangan nya di atas feri.

Kecoh ada lak mamat putus cinta kat sebelah kakak enter frame...